GPC "First Friday" Newsletter – September 2020

Dear praying friends around the world!

As the “times of shaking” continue, the Lord is expanding His Kingdom. I trust that many of you are personally experiencing His endless grace, His divine protection, His fatherly pruning, and His patient leadership. Certainly, in Israel, in the affairs of the nations and in His body, the believing church, His Kingdom and the preparations for His return are progressing and expanding.

The upcoming Ten Days of Awe, between Sept 18th and 28th 2020.

Through the Jewish calendar and the biblical feasts, the Lord provides a deeply meaningful and precious opportunity for both the Jewish people and the body of Christ to humble ourselves before Him - the creator, judge and redeemer. As GPC, we want to invite you to use this opportunity personally as well as in your priestly calling as you reflect – as a representative of the royal priesthood (1 Pet 2,9) - on the relationship between your nation and Israel. In this unique season of world events, let us put these 10 days of awe to effective use in 2020! Let us use this opportunity to reflect, research and repent for our nations as an expression of the global intercessory body of Christ and ask for HIS redemption and forgiveness for the failings of our nations in their relationship with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel - past and present. How we can take our stand and cooperate in biblical and spiritual unity shall be further explained in this newsletter, in the current First Friday video clip and in further information to be published on our website within the next 1-2 weeks.

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Die Völkerwelt und Israel – ein globales Gebetsanliegen

Seit dem Jahr 2015 – dem 70. Jahrestag vom Ende des Holocaust – ist mit Unterstützung von Christen an der Seite Israels ein neuer Dienst erwachsen: Der Global Prayer Call (GPC) – zu Deutsch etwa: Weltweiter Gebetsaufruf. Der GPC ist ein wachsendes weltweites Netzwerk von Gebetsleitern und Gebetsbewegungen, die in der Liebe zu und im Gebet für Israel vereint sind.

Auf der Basis von 1.Mose 12,3 kommt für den GPC ein weiteres Gebetsanliegen hinzu: Das Gebet für unsere Völker und Nationen in ihrer Beziehung zu Israel: „Ich will segnen, die dich (Abram und deine Nachkommen Israel) segnen, und wer dir (Abram und deinen Nachkommen Israel) flucht, den werde ich verfluchen.“ Der GPC ermutigt Fürbitter weltweit, neben dem Gebet für Israel auch das Gebet für die eigene Nation, die eigene Regierung, Kirche und Gesellschaft im Verhältnis zu Israel hinzuzufügen.



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