International Institutions

Most of our nations are part of some kind of international political body, be it the European Union, the United Nations, the African Union or other pan-national political bodies.

Usually Israel comes on the agenda of those bodies to be debated and sometimes voted on. And usually those debates and votes are not in favor of Israel.

In some of those bodies certain nations form a strong, if not the strongest group and set the agenda and the tone. This is where Israel needs our prayer!

It is also important though to pray for our own nations and their representatives in these trans-national political bodies in which you  find components of group policy, one-sided information, intimidation, manipulation and other forms of pressure more often then not: First against Israel but also against nations and their diplomats who want to support Israel.

In our prayer communication these international institutions will be monitored increrasingly and information will be provided which will help you be aware of crucial processes and dates as well as some helpful background information. 


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