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First Friday
February 2022

Global Prayer Call - A short introduction by the Founding Director of GPC

What is unique between your nation and Israel?

What is unique between your nation and Israel?

By not confronting the way our nation is treating or has treated Israel and the Jewish people, we distance ourselves from the fullness of God’s blessings upon our nation. 

This is God’s challenge and invitation to the praying body in every nation! 

On this national journey, the Global Prayer Call team is with you as you stand before God on behalf of your nation. 

Since the calling of Abraham and the promise of blessings through his posterity to those who will be well intended towards Israel and the Jewish people (Gen. 12), the nations have been facing a major challenge. To accept God’s sovereign choice and be positioned to bless the Jews or to rebel and deny that Israel has played, is playing and will play a central role for the blessing of God upon them until the end of time. 

Since the beginning of Christian history, this truth has been denied by the church for the most part and as a result, most nations have gone astray. 

While it isn’t possible for the Christians in some nations, like Germany, not to ponder this question before the Lord, for other people groups it seems to be easier not to examine their own ways and their own national histories regarding the Jews. 

  • The GPC is firmly convinced of the importance, for the praying body, in each nation, to revisit, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the ways in which their nation has dealt with the Jews in the past and how they are dealing with Israel today. 
  • The GPC firmly believes that it is the role and the time for the intercessors to stand before the Lord on behalf of their own people group on this issue and seek the heart of the Lord. 
  • The GPC is deeply committed to supporting Christians as they seek God and intercede for their nations regarding this crucial issue. 

What does my nation have to do with Israel and the Jewish people? 

Although not every nation in the world has been host to a Jewish community in the past or the present, each nation has a link to Jewish history and has a responsibility for its relationship to the land and the people of Israel. 

As you examine the behavior of your nation we recommend that you ask the following questions: 

  • Was there a Jewish community in my nation during the last 2000 years? Have we welcomed and treated the Jews well or have we rejected them? Has anti-Semitism been present within my people group or is it currently so? 

  • What has been the role of the Church regarding the Jews? What was/is done and taught about Israel in the Church? Is replacement theology still in place? 

  • How did my nation stand after the Balfour Declaration and the creation of the mandate for Palestine after WWI? 

  • How did my nation vote in 1947 when the United Nations decided upon the creation of a Jewish State? Did your nation recognize the State of Israel when it was created in 1948? 

  • Today, in the ongoing diplomatic warfare against the State of Israel in the International community (UN, EU...) what is the position of my government? 

  • Is anti-Zionism politically correct in my country? Is anti-Semitism still present? 

  • How does my nation consider the open “enemies“ of Israel today? 

As you examine the potential downfalls of your nation in regards to Israel and the Jewish people, it is just as important to identify the positive aspects of the relationship between Israel/the Jewish people and your nation today – but also in the past. 

  • Were there people groups who protected the Jews? 

  • Were there Christian denominations that always had sound teaching and behavior towards the Jews? 

  • Were there political leaders, kings, intellectuals or public figures in your nation who took an open stand in favor of the Jews or Israel? 

  • When was my nation considered a place of refuge for the Jews?


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