GPC First Friday Newsletter – February 2019

2019 – Pressure continues to mount for the nations to decide to align with God's purposes for Israel.

In recent months, a number of prophetic voices with a calling and discernment for the nations have shared their view that in 2019 there will be increasing  pressure on nations to choose sides for or against God’s good purposes with the Jewish people and Jerusalem. That choice is expressed in a variety of ways by the leadership and the general public of a nation: In the area of anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism, by turning a blind eye to the Islamic anti-Semitic agenda, or by following a humanistic/syncretistic world-government-agenda in which Israel does not have any positive contribution or role. With the UN and the EU playing major roles, the world continues to spiral into the vortex of this agenda. But God…!

Spiritual battle for Europe – GPC San Remo conference May 3-5 - European elections and related topics

… but God! According to Psalm 2, the King of Israel, the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ is sitting on his holy throne with his scepter firmly in hand. He is drawing together and continually equipping His royal priesthood to stand with Israel as well as to stand in the gap for their respective nations regarding their relationships to Zion. He is doing this with wisdom, discernment and speed even as the spirit of Babel (which is the spirit of anti-Christ) continues to rise. As far as Europe is concerned, exactly this is happening with amazing acceleration even as we speak.

Today I am in the Italian city of San Remo - the place where the San Remo agreement was signed in April 1920. This agreement was based on the Balfour declaration of November 1917 and confirmed by the League of Nations in 1923. With regard to Europe being a blessing to Israel, this event was the major historical step toward the foundation of the modern State of Israel and established as international law the eternal right of the Jewish people to the Land known at that time as Palestine (far larger than the current borders of Israel) and to the entire city of Jerusalem!

“Global Prayer Call“ is calling intercessors from all over Europe and beyond, to come to San Remo on May 3-5, 2019, right before EU elections at end of May, to draw from those wells of blessing and stand in the gap for Israel and, in particular, for the relationship of our European nations to Israel. If Europe turns its heart and face toward Israel, God will turn His face toward Europe again! Never, since World War II, have the consequences of the upcoming elections been as critical as they are this year. Europe needs us to become active as God's "remnant" today as urgently as it did in 1945! And God wants to equip us with His Spirit; the same Spirit that equipped Abraham to intercede for Sodom and Gomorrah, the same Spirit which sent Jonah the prophet to Nineveh. He wants to fill us, equip us and unite us in this hour of intensified spiritual battle for the future of Europe.

I share more on these and related topics in my First Friday video clip for February 2019. Please also check the "Save the Date" flyer for this conference and let us know if you need more information.

GPC San Remo conference in 4 languages

Please note that the conference language is English. But we are also providing information for the conference as well as translation during the conference in Italian, French and German.

Dear friends and intercessors! Even though the translation is a lot of work, we believe that the broad scope of unity among intercessors and delegations from as many European nations as possible will be an important key to spiritual breakthrough. We strongly encourage Italian, French, and German speaking intercessors a) to consider coming themselves and b) to share this information with others whom you believe could be called to come to this conference.

Preparations for GPC conference in Jerusalem, June 7-9 in full swing

Just a note to say that our preparations for the GPC Jerusalem conference this year are making good progress as well. If you are interested: Please save the date. More information will follow in the course of the month of February.

Please continue to pray Please continue to pray for Israel. The enemies of Israel in the north, south and beyond are continually upgrading their evil efforts. Israel is preparing for an election. Please continue as watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem to remind the God of Israel - the Lord of Hosts - of His covenants and promises for His people and for the City of the Great King. Please pray for the Eastern European nations sending delegates to meet with Israeli government officials  in the course of the month of February to discuss the possibility of moving their embassies from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Please continue to pray for the governments and diplomats for wisdom, understanding and discernment regarding topics of discussion and their decision making processes regarding Israel and Jerusalem.   May the Lord bless you in your love for Him, for Israel and for His “royal priesthood” in such a time as this. Shalom and God bless!


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