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The Spirit of Babylon vs. the Spirit of Zion


„The struggle between the spirit of Babylon and the spirit of Zion is very real today in all spheres of society, be it political, economic or educational.

God is at work to bring about a new reformation that is in line with Zion and deeply rooted in Hebrew thought.

Being deeply involved in Christian Education for more than 30 years, we have experienced the intensity of this spiritual struggle on a daily basis as we work to equip a generation with the mentality of Zion that is in total opposition to the Babylonian mentality."

Manuela Bussière

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First Friday October 2020

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10 Days of Awe


{tab About the Event}

 About the Event

Through the Jewish calendar and the biblical feasts, the Lord provides a deeply meaningful and precious opportunity for both the Jewish people and the body of Christ to humble ourselves before Him - the creator, judge and redeemer. As GPC, we want to invite you to use this opportunity personally as well as in your priestly calling as you reflect – as a representative of the royal priesthood (1 Pet 2,9) - on the relationship between your nation and Israel. In this unique season of world events, let us put these 10 days of awe to effective use in 2020! Let us use this opportunity to reflect, research and repent for our nations as an expression of the global intercessory body of Christ and ask for HIS redemption and forgiveness for the failings of our nations in their relationship with the Jewish people and the nation of Israel - past and present. 

In preparation for these upcoming 10 days and this GPC prayer call, we have asked messianic pastor and bible teacher (Jerusalem) Benjamin Berger to explain to us, as Christians who pray for Israel and our own nations, some of the biblical and prophetic significance of the biblical feasts in general and Rosh Hashanah, 10 Days of Awe and Yom Kippur in specific. He closes his teaching with the following words:

“Celebrating the feast of trumpets today in this year 2020 is a year of crisis, it is a crisis that affects us on a global scale. It began with the corona pandemic and the lockdown. It has also brought the world into a very dangerous economic situation but above and beyond all of these things, we are living in a time of a complete moral breakdown, a departure from the faith in Jesus and the further development of globalism which includes the idea of one world religion and which is leading us into the time when the antichrist and the antichrist system will be established as the Bible tells us.

The Spirit of God is calling us as his priestly people to stand before him, clothed in his righteousness and entering into the holy place behind the veil, to intercede and to cry out for mercy for Israel and for the nations. Sin abounds in Israel and sin abounds in the nations. The United States of America, the bastion of western democracy, hangs in the balance. If America should fall so will Europe and other nations. We are standing on the dividing line, let us not deceive ourselves. The angels are sounding the heavenly trumpets, calling the people of God together. Let us not miss this moment of opportunity and of urgency and let us fulfill our priestly calling as we approach The Feast of Trumpets” and the “Ten Days of Awe!”

For the full article, please click here.

{tab Schedule}

 Schedule (subject to change):

ISRAELI TIME (For your regional time you can use the Time Converter). 

Saturday, September 19th | 4pm - 6pm
Rosh haShana

Sunday, September 20th | 4pm - 6pm

Monday, September 21st | 10am - 12pm
Middle East

Tuesday, September 22nd | 3am - 5am

Tuesday, September 22nd | 11pm - 1am
Latin America

Wendesday, September 23d | 7pm - 9pm
North America
You are invited to join the meeting: 10 Days of Awe in the OMC. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

Friday, September 25th | 11am - 3pm

Friday, September 25th | 6pm - 8pm

Sunday, September 27th | 4pm - 6pm

Monday, September 28th | 11am - 2pm
Yom Kippur


{tab Leaders}



Harald Eckert (GER)

Rick and Patricia Ridings (IL)

Benjamin Berger (IL)

Clive and Jane Urquhart (UK)


… and Prayer-Leaders from Africa, Asia-Pacific, South-America, Russia, China, Europe and other world-regions.

{tab Live-Stream Information}

 Live-Stream Information:

Saturday, September 19th | 4pm - 6pm | Launch Event

Sunday, September 20th | 4pm - 6pm | Europe

Monday, September 21st | 10am - 12pm | Middle East

For security reasons, this call will not be livestreamed. Please join us in prayer wherever you are as the middle-east is in need of it at this hour.

Tuesday, September 22nd | 11pm - 1am | Latin America

Friday, September 25th | 11am - 3pm | Asia-Pacific

Friday, September 25th | 6pm - 8pm | Russia

Sunday, September 27th | 4pm - 6pm | Africa

Monday, September 28th | 11am - 2pm | Finishing Event


{tab Translation}


Technical instructions for translation

We offer translation of the first Session on September 19th and the last Session on September 28th into German and French.

You can watch the livestream on our website and turn down the sound. For the translation on your computer, click on this link and choose your language.

If you want to listen to the translation on your smartphone or tablet, download the LiveVoice App  from Google Play  or Apple App Store  to your mobile device. In the app, enter the number 003 876 to listen. You can connect a few minutes before the conference starts to test your device.


Übersetzung auf Deutsch

Wir bieten eine deutsche Übersetzung für die zwei Hauptveranstaltungen an.

Lassen Sie dazu den Livestream laufen und stellen den Ton dort leiser. Klicken Sie dann für die deutsche Übersetzung auf Ihrem Computer auf diesen Link hier und klicken Sie dort bei der Sprache „Deutsch“ auf Play.  

Wenn Sie die Übersetzung über ihr Smartphone oder Tablet anhören wollen, laden Sie die LiveVoice App von Google Play oder Apple App Store auf Ihr mobiles Gerät herunter. In der App geben Sie die Nummer 003 876 ein um zuzuhören. Sie können sich bereits einige Minuten vor der Veranstaltung verbinden, um Ihr Gerät zu testen.


{tab Cooperation with BURN 24/7}

 Cooperation with BURN 24/7:

BURN 24-7 will be providing a zoom worship room, the following hours (Israeli time) - come and encounter the living God!

Tuesday 6-7pm
Tuesday 7-8pm
Wednesday 4-5pm
Thursday 4-5pm
Thursday 6-7pm
Thursday 7-8pm
Friday 4-5pm - YHOP Indonesia
Saturday 7-8pm
Sunday 7-8pm
These times will be a mixture of vertical worship, Bible reading and prayer, centred upon loving Him. 
Whilst the regional meetings will mainly be streamed on the Global Prayer Call Website, the rest of the worship time will be in the more intimate setting of the zoom room. Please note, the space here is limited to 100 people, so once that number is reached, it will not be possible to join.
The zoom link for the 10 days of awe, starting at 18h (Israeli time) on 19th September:
Password: Jesus


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10 Days of Awe Recordings

{tab Saturday - Launch Event}

 Saturday, September 19th | 4pm - 6pm | Launch Event

{tab Saturday - UK}

 Saturday, September 19th | 10pm - 12am | UK

{tab Sunday - Europe}

 Sunday, September 20th | 4pm - 6pm | Europe

{tab Tuesday - Latin America}

 Tuesday, September 22nd | 11pm - 1am | Latin America

{tab Friday - Asia-Pacific}

 Friday, September 25th | 11am - 3pm | Asia-Pacific

{tab Friday - Russia}

 Friday, September 25th | 6pm - 8pm | Russia

{tab Sunday - Africa}

 Sunday, September 27th | 4pm - 6pm | Africa

{tab Monday - Finishing Event}

 Monday, September 28th | 11am - 2pm | Finishing Event


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First Friday September 2020

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