Monitoring Report August 2019 - UN

Europe: The Rift between Expectation and Reality – to be a World Power

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) or Iran-Deal contained many flaws and loopholes, even if it would have been fully and faithfully implemented. Which it wasn’t. Internationally renowned experts like Olli Heinonen or Mark Dubowitz, as well as politicians like Donald Trump or Benjamin Netanyahu have been sounding the alarm for the better part of the last five to six years. But it has only been in the past few months, that the Iranian Regime openly, consciously and admittedly violated fundamental commitments it made under the JCPOA, i.e. de facto breaking it. This happened under immense und unrelenting pressure from the Trump-Administration for Iran’s malign behavior and policies. In a current piece, Dubowitz’  colleagues Jacob Nagel and David Adesnik argue, that the IAEA, the UN nuclear watchdog, has lost its credibility regarding Iran and is in need of a recalibration in order to fulfill its duty and mandate regarding the Iranian nuclear program. 1 The UN has yet to come to grips with the evolving situation in Iran and needs to adapt to the new reality, that the JCPOA might very well end up in the dustbin of history. After the US-withdrawal from the nuclear deal, the decisive players in this process are the three European powers: Germany, France and Great Britain.

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GPC "First Friday" Newsletter – July 2019

Dear praying friends around the world!

The first half of 2019 has come to a close. Israel is still in a “between-elections” season and needs our special prayer. The nations are facing several crisis situations around the world. But of course, every crisis carries the potential and the opportunity for repentance and for turning to the living God, the God of the Bible, the God of Israel.

GPC: Looking back at the first half of 2019

As for GPC, the first six months of this year have been extraordinary months. With my visit to East Africa and then to New York in April, the prayer conferences in San Remo, Italy, (May) and Jerusalem, Israel (June), my connection to the White House Council and the Latino Coalition for Israel, as well as the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast movement with their conferences in Jerusalem and Den Hague in the Netherlands, the prayer network has progressed to a new level. I am so grateful for how the Lord is building and strengthening the global praying remnant in general and specifically in the context of GPC! Hallelujah!

GPC: Looking forward to the second half of 2019

As for the second half of 2019, it is time for GPC to consolidate this network on several levels: Prayer, leadership and consultation, legal and financial structure, communication and fundraising. Please pray for me and the core leadership / advisory group to find wisdom, clarity and unity regarding these next steps.

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FINAL CALL for GPC conference in Jerusalem

  • Intercessors from all continents pray for Israel and their nations!

  • “Global Prayer Call” conference in 24/7 prayer house “Succat Hallel” near temple mount, Jerusalem from June 7-9!

  • Intensive worship, prayer, intercession, governmental prayer as the Lord leads!

  • With Harald Eckert, Rick Ridings and intercessory leaders from around the world!

  • Requested speakers: Jim Garlow, Benjamin and Reuven Berger, Chris Mitchell, Haifa Lu

  • As the “valley of decision” is drawing closer – let us pray for our nations to become “sheep nations”!

  • More information and registration:

  • Locals free!

GPC First Friday Newsletter – April 2019

Dear praying Friends,

I would like to share this videoclip with Rick Ridings with you as the basis for our First Friday prayer this month. It was recorded directly in Jerusalem by Alpha & Omega TV:

Rick Ridings and I will be the main moderators for the upcoming GPC Conference in Jerusalem. I would like to formally invite you to this conference:

In light of the upcoming European Union elections, please prayerfully consider my comments presented below regarding prayer for europe!

Prayer for Europe – before the upcoming European Union (EU) elections

Theodor Heuss, the first President of the Federal Republic of Germany, is credited with the following famous saying: “Europe is built on three hills: the Acropolis, Golgotha and the Capitol”, in other words, Greek humanistic philosophy, Biblical Christianity and the Roman legal system. Historically speaking, there is a lot of truth to that statement. Spiritually speaking, it points out Europe’s subtle but significant tectonic divide: Hellenism and humanism on the one hand and the Judeo-Christian view of God, man and the world on the other. These are ultimately in opposition to one another. As the prophet Zechariah clearly states in Chapter 9, verse 13b: “I will rouse your sons, Zion, against your sons, Greece, and make you like a warrior’s sword.“

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Telegram - 2019-02

The Warsaw Summit, hosted by the Polish government and the US government, just ended last week. Some 60 Nations had gathered together to discuss current issues concerning the Middle East.

The elephant in the room, which US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, spoke of as the “main” issue prior to the summit, was Iran. In the end, it turned out that the US wanted to talk Iran - Europe didn’t. We saw a rift between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Eastern European countries were keen to follow the US lead and spoke out for a more pro-Israel approach in foreign policy. And we recognized that not only the Eastern European countries had that goal in mind, but also the Arab block. At the Warsaw summit, we saw Israel, the US, Eastern European countries and Arab countries officially aligning against Iran for the first time. And we saw that the Western European countries – mainly Great Britain, France and Germany, were the main obstacles to the international community addressing the Iranian issue today.

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Monitoring Report April 2018 - EU

The first quarter of 2018 saw the leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas (hard-pressed and increasingly isolated of late), seeking support and political backing in the European Union’s capital. His move comes at a time in which the Trump administration is following through with its new approach to the Middle East conflict, in particular regarding the issue of Jerusalem. Years of Abbas’ evasive tactics and threats undercutting direct peace talks, as well as his unilateral actions in the UN undermined not only the possibility for peace, but took their toll on Mahmoud Abbas’ credibility as a partner for peace – at least in the eyes of the Americans.

After the United States had proclaimed their recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and their intent to move their embassy accordingly, Abbas shifted gears. His fury led him to verbally assault various US-leaders including the President, going as far as calling US-Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman “Son of a dog”.

The culmination of his undiplomatic rant against the U.S. was the cancellation of his planned meeting with American Vice-President, Mike Pence, in Ramallah this January. And while Pence was visiting Israel undeterred, proclaiming the U.S. Embassy move this May already as a timely present for Israel’s 70th birthday, Abbas travelled to Brussels to counterbalance this move by seeking recognition of the State of Palestine by the European Union.

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GPC "First Friday" Newsletter – June 2019

“Those nations who bless Israel will be blessed and those nations who curse Israel, will be cursed…” (Gen. 12,3)

This spring has been an unusual spring in many ways from the GPC perspective: Quite intensive and multifaceted:

Intense spring 2019 for Israel and GPC …

In April, elections took place in Israel. And surrounding the elections and the spring holidays, Israel suffered massive attacks from the south (Gaza). Early May we had our GPC conference in San Remo, Italy. Mid-May I was invited by the White House Council (US) and the Latino Coalition for Israel (Central-/South America) to celebrate with Israel and with those two groups of leaders the 1 year anniversary of the move of the US and Guatemalan embassies (photo). And now I am here in Israel for the Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast celebrating 52 years of reunification of Jerusalem (June 4-6), followed by the Global Prayer Call Conference (June 7-9) at Succat Hallel (the 24/7 House of Worship and Prayer across from the Temple Mount).

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Monitoring Report April 2019 - EU

With the Israeli elections just over and EU-elections around the corner, EU-Israel relations are facing a democracy-induced reshaping. While the Israeli side of things is likely to stay more or less unchanged and stable with Benjamin Netanyahu having won reelection for his fifth term in office, the outcome of the EU-elections is still an open question. Polls suggest though, that the two largest fractions in the current European Parliament (Christian Democrats and Social Democrats) are poised to lose some 40-50 seats each. With some new alliances forming especially on the right, the next European Parliament will be more diverse and the power and impact of the larger blocs is likely to lessen. What this means for EU-Israel relations remains yet to be seen, but many of the populist parties slated to gain more seats adhere to rather pro-Israel policies. Sebastian Kurz, Viktor Orbán and Matteo Salvini were the first to congratulate Benjamin Netanyahu after his reelection, they share and support many of his policy-approaches and view Israel under him as a natural ally. An the other hand it took German Chancellor Angela Merkel whose government proclaims support of Israel as Germany’s “Raison d’etat”, six days to congratulate Netanyahu and even then her congratulation contained the untimely spice of “advice” on how to solve the Middle East conflict.

If we want to feel the pulse of current EU-Israel relations, we ought to look at the greater picture and into some of the newer developments. There are three current trends, which show some antithetical processes inside EU-Israel relations and deserve a closer look, as they highlight the areas in which the current power struggle takes place ...

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GPC First Friday Newsletter – March 2019

Report from East Africa

My trip to Kenya and Uganda was primarily a networking-trip. The main purpose was to build relationships with “Intercessors for Kenya”, “… Uganda” and “…Africa”. As we spent time together in worship, teaching and prayer, the Lord gave us “downloads” of revelation, intense times of prayer and intercession and growing relationships with a common sense of purpose and vision. As I have said a number of times before, from a global perspective, the prayer alliance between Africa and Europe on behalf of Israel and the nations of both of our continents is a key factor. To me this vision and approach has been strongly confirmed as key relationships where formed and deepened. May the Lord give all those involved wisdom and insight as to how to continue to build this strategic alliance.

San Remo conference (May 3-5): Spread the word! Come along!

We all realize, to one degree or the other, that Europe is in the midst of a huge spiritual battle. Are the Judeo-Christian roots of Europe being revived, is the fear and the presence of God being re-kindled, is revival breaking through – or is the anti-Christian and anti-semitic spirit of Babel completely sweeping Europe? The key bench mark for this is the attitude of the European nations regarding Israel. If Israel is blessed and honored in Europe, the blessing of the Lord will return to Europe. If not, Europe is going to be shaken and shattered – which is already starting to happen before our very eyes.

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GPC First Friday Newsletter – February 2019

2019 – Pressure continues to mount for the nations to decide to align with God's purposes for Israel.

In recent months, a number of prophetic voices with a calling and discernment for the nations have shared their view that in 2019 there will be increasing  pressure on nations to choose sides for or against God’s good purposes with the Jewish people and Jerusalem. That choice is expressed in a variety of ways by the leadership and the general public of a nation: In the area of anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism, by turning a blind eye to the Islamic anti-Semitic agenda, or by following a humanistic/syncretistic world-government-agenda in which Israel does not have any positive contribution or role. With the UN and the EU playing major roles, the world continues to spiral into the vortex of this agenda. But God…!

Spiritual battle for Europe – GPC San Remo conference May 3-5 - European elections and related topics

… but God! According to Psalm 2, the King of Israel, the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ is sitting on his holy throne with his scepter firmly in hand. He is drawing together and continually equipping His royal priesthood to stand with Israel as well as to stand in the gap for their respective nations regarding their relationships to Zion. He is doing this with wisdom, discernment and speed even as the spirit of Babel (which is the spirit of anti-Christ) continues to rise. As far as Europe is concerned, exactly this is happening with amazing acceleration even as we speak.

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Monitoring Report February 2018

Revelation oath of the coalition talks

After a five-month standoff, during which politicians of the negotiating parties held bored voters at bay with empty rhetoric coming out of all-night negotiation marathons, the party leaders of the CDU/CSU (Christian Democratic and Christian Socialist Parties) and the SPD (German Socialist Party) wrestled their way through to the decision on February 7th that they were willing to enter into this forced marriage. Now, only the majority vote of the members of the SPD stands between the will of the political decision makers and the actual recreation of the "Grand Coalition".

Europe first – means Israel not last, but least

With its Coalition Contract i, this grand coalition positions itself as an opposite pole to Trump's America. While the slogans "America first" and "Make America great again" are defining the politics of national interest in the USA, the so-called GroKo is banking totally on "Europe first". In fact, the preamble of the contract reads like it was written for the next European Commission and not by the future government of a sovereign national state. The dream of the newly designated German Foreign Minister, Martin Schulz, of a United States of Europe found its way anonymously into the Coalition Contract. The absolute focus of Germany's (foreign) policy on Europe does not bode well for the relationship between Germany and Israel.

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